Boomtown Studio Recording Services

Audio Recording

Boomtown is a fully professional, high quality, audio recording studio located in a detached, commercial recording studio premises in West London. It's a private studio - not part of a residential property or a collection of units - so you won't be disturbed while working here.

Our recording 2m x 3m booth is sound-proofed and acoustically treated - ideal for all sorts of recording, from vocals to metal guitars. Equipped with the latest, industry-standard Pro Tools HDX, we record audio to the highest standards - at the keenest possible prices. The studio is owned and run by Simon Wilkinson, an experienced producer, writer, engineer and keyboard player (to the stars!). He's been active in the audio and performance industry for decades and has run a recording studio in its current London location for over 25 years.

Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production covers just about everything else we specialise in. In addition to recording sessions, we cover  production, editing, mixing, de-noising audio, restoration and repair, file format conversion and mastering. If you wish to dub sound effects onto a session or clean up some audio files we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done. If you want your vocals to be expertly tuned, timing adjusted and professionally processed, we can do that.