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Looking at London Recording Studios? Welcome to Boomtown Studio, One of The Best Value Pro Tools Music Recording  Studios in London.

London Voice Over Studio

Our prices start from £40 per hour. This rate includes not only the best value recording studio in London but also a highly experienced, published writer/ producer/engineer and any extras such as keyboards, drum pads, piano, music/sound to picture, ftp transfer, Skype or telephone patch and all editing. Our digital audio workstation of choice is Pro Tools HDX v12 which, being the go-to rig of top audio recording studios in London (just ask Air Studios, Angel Studios, Britannia Row, Abbey Road Studios etc) as well as post production studios and  Hollywood film studios, will cater for all your audio recording needs. 

London Voice Over Studio

Boomtown is a fully professional, high quality, audio recording studio located in a detached, commercial recording studio premises in West London. It's a private studio - not part of a residential property or a collection of units - so you won't be disturbed while working here. Our recording booth is sound-proofed and acoustically treated - ideal for all sorts of recording, from vocals to metal guitars.

Equipped with the latest, industry-standard Pro Tools HDX, we record audio to the highest standards - at the keenest possible prices. The studio is owned and run by Simon Wilkinson, an experienced producer, writer, engineer and keyboard player (to the stars!). He's been active in the recording industry for over 30 years and has run a recording studio in it's current London location for over 20 years.

London Voice Over Studio

Having recorded for clients including the BBC, BA, Disney, Grolsch, Habitat, Innocent, Pernod-Ricard, Samsung, Volvo, and many more, we are confident that you'll be more than satisfied with our knowledge and expertise, friendly  and professional approach, and broadcast quality production standards.

Many of our customers are repeat clients. Once people discover the quality and amazing value we provide, they just keep coming back!

And with consistent five star ratings for our voice over recording, you can't go wrong.

London Voice Over Studio
Joe McEwan Head of Digital at Innocent

The guys at the studio were a pleasure to work with – efficient, knowledgeable, friendly team, and a final recording we were very happy with. We’ll definitely be working together in the future.