Boomtown Studio Hardware

Digital Audio Recording 

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate HDX 32 bit 128 track system

AvidHD I/O Pro Tools Digital Audio Interface

Avid192 I/O Pro Tools Digital Audio Interface

Avid Omni Pro Tools Digital Audio Interface

Behringer Studio XL Audio Interface

Digidesign C|24 Desk with Total Pro Tools Integration

Pre Amps

Slate Pro Audio Fox Quadtone Dual Mic Pre-amp 

Broadhurst Gardens No.1 Dual Mic Pre-amp

Digidesign PRE 8 Channel MIDI controlled 

TL Audio Dual Valve Pre

Valve Microphones

Neumann M149 Tube Mic with custom Vovox Cable

Lewitt LCT 940 x 2 - a dual valve-FET pair - fabulous sound!

Sontronics Helios Tube Mic

Condenser Microphones

Sennheiser MKH 416 - a favourite with US Studios

3-Zigma Master 4 x 10 Toolkit - classic FET mic emulations

Oktava MK-012 Capacitor Mics Matched Pair

DPA 4060 Lavalier Mics Pair

Dynamic & Ribbon Mics

Sontronics Sigma Ribbon Mic (for a retro radio sound)

Electrovice RE20 Dynamic - a US Voice Over favourite

Heil PR-40 Dynamic - another US Voice Over favourite

Shure SM58 Dynamic

Monitoring & Playback

Genelec 8040A and 7060B monitors

Sennheiser & Beyer Headphones

Slate VSX Studio Modelling System

Custom built mid field monitors

Avantone Cube Speakers


Apple 8 Core Intel Xeon with 32Gb RAM

2 x Apple 4 Core Intel i7 with 32Gb RAM

PC i7 Intel with 12Gb RAM

Apple Mac Mini 8Gb RAM

iPad Pro 4th Generation 512Gb RAM

iPad 6th Generation 128Gb RAM

iPad 4th Generation 64Gb RAM