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All Plugins

Autotune, Autotune-Evo, AVOX 2, Harmony Engine

Aural Exciter, Big Bottom Pro

AmpLion Pro, STAPhaser

Almost All

MB-7, Patchwork


bx_digital V3, dynEQ v2, XL V2, optoPedal, refinement, shredspread, stereomaker, tuner, meter

Melodyne Studio 4

Anthology Bundle

Pheonixverb, R2, Excalibur

ARC 2 Advanced Room Correction System

 Glitch 2

d2 Equalizer, d3 Compressor

Alloy 2, Insight, Nectar 2, Ozone 5, RX4 Advanced, Trash 2

PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

EQ4, EQ2

L2007 Limiter

Everything Pack 6

All Melda Production plugins

Channel Strip, Character

Character, Vocal Enhancer

Infected Mushroom "I Wish"

Quiet Art Wave Rider 3, Defaulter

RP-Delay, RP-Verb

FG-X Virtual Mastering Console, Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines

Reference 3 Speaker, Room & Headphone Calibration Suite 

Dynamics Compressor, EQ Equalizer, Inflator Loudness Maximizer,

Fraunhofer mp3 Pro-Codec,Transmod Transient Modulator

All Soundtoys v5 plugins

Source Connect Pro, Source Live, Source Talkback

Revoice Pro


Mercury & Studio Classics Bundles

Trackspacer 2

Elastique Pitch